Payment options

Safe and reliable online payment

Manual transfers are a thing of the past and no retailer wants that anymore. But we think it is important that you can pay securely online in all our web shops via your trusted banking environment just as familiarly, but much faster and easier. That is why we offer almost all modern online payment methods and banks through secure payment systems that have been carefully selected and regularly tested for security. Your payment is settled outside us via secure software from your bank (also via iDeal) or other payment provider to our payment provider. This will verify the payment and, if approved, we will immediately receive an automatic message, after which we will immediately release your order for shipment. You often receive the package well before we actually receive the money. Very easy for you!

Payment failed?

Due to the large amount of organization and software that all have to work together to process your online payment, things sometimes go wrong. This means that you cannot complete the payment, for example you will receive a message that the payment was unsuccessful, but the amount has been debited. Please contact us and we will check and correct it immediately.

Valid EU VAT number? Then you don't pay VAT! (ICP)

As a foreign customer with a valid EU VAT number, you do not have to pay tax. Choose "business" customer during checkout, enter a valid combination of company name and VAT number* and the VAT will be automatically removed from the invoice. This happens immediately and after checking in the VIES database you can immediately proceed to payment.

No manual transfers

We process many orders every day, payments are automatically processed by secure software and certified companies. We therefore DO NOT provide account numbers for manual transfers. This makes it a lot easier for us to process your order properly and reliably. However, if you wish, you can still pay us using the "Bank Transfer" payment option by following the instructions.


Surcharge: 0%
If you have access to internet banking at ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING Bank, Knab, SNS Bank, Rabobank, Regiobank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers, you can pay for your order electronically in your own trusted payment environment. During the ordering process you choose the payment method "iDEAL". Under your address details you can indicate which bank you want to pay with. You then follow the procedure you are used to for payments via internet banking. Normally the payment is processed the same working day. No transaction costs are charged for using iDEAL. For more information:

Credit Cards

Surcharge: 0%
You can also pay with your credit card (MasterCard, VISA and Maestro). Your credit card details are sent 100% securely via our payment provider MultiSafePay. A major additional advantage of this is that your valuable equipment and accessories are often automatically insured against loss, damage and theft for a certain period (see your credit card details for details). We do not charge transaction costs (0%) for credit card payments.

Enable internet payments for your credit card!
If internet payments are not allowed with your card, the transaction will be refused by the company.


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To pay via PayPal, an account with PayPal is required. If you have a PayPal account, it is possible to pay directly. You can also pay via PayPal with a normal credit card. PayPal uses very advanced techniques, which is why a 100% secure payment environment has been arranged.

Klarna (pay afterwards)

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Receive the products first and only pay afterwards? This is possible with Klarna. Paying afterwards with Klarna is safe and easy. The payment details for your purchase can be found on the invoice you receive. You have the option to pay within 30 days at a time that suits you or pay in 3 parts, without interest!

Apple Pay

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If you've added Apple Cash, credit, and debit cards to the Wallet app, you can use Apple Pay pay safely.


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We offer our Belgian customers the option to pay via Bancontact without additional costs and surcharges. Bancontact has been ensuring smooth payment transactions since 1989 and is the Belgian market leader in electronic payments.

Belfius Direct Net

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It is also possible for our Belgian customers to pay with Belfius Direct Net. Totally free!
Belfius has several specialized subsidiaries that use the latest technologies and strive for 100% customer satisfaction!


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SOFORT Banking is a European payment method that allows payments and donations to be made without consumers having to create additional accounts. Consumers log in to SOFORT Banking with the data they use to log in to their own online banking environment. From here they can transfer money directly from their own checking account. SOFORT Banking is TÜV certified, which guarantees that it is a safe method for making payments.