Freewell Gear has been the reason for prominent revolutionary drone accessories and filters. The brand has long helped professional commercial filmmakers create absolutely stunning cinematic videos.

Freewell Gear is the pioneer of several drone accessories, including the ND1000, ND2000 and IR / ND filters, which were the first ever in the industry. Many competitors have tried to imitate our original quality, but Freewell's cutting-edge technology has only been emulated, but never replicated to perfection.

Each Freewell drone filter is made of the best top quality optical glass. It is carefully coated with a total of 16 layers of coating, 8 on each side, to ensure minimal re-reflection from the lens filter. It is an excellent solution to reduce unwanted glare, especially in landscape photos on sunny days.

All these unique aspects of Freewell ensure that you always get an excellent quality product for your money. So make sure you always buy genuine Freewell filters and not be fooled by a cheap and meaningless imitation. Freewell delivers value for money by offering a lifetime warranty for its drone filters.

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